Check Out The Small Print!

When your car breaks down while you are on your way somewhere, it is reassuring to know that your emergency roadside assistance company will be coming to your aid soon. However, you might be in for a rude awakening when you end up with a large bill for services that was not covered under your plan.

In previous years, organizations like AAA were the only ones providing emergency roadside assistance. Nowadays; almost everybody has joined the emergency roadside assistance bandwagon. Car companies, insurance companies, service stations, credit card issuers as well as cell phone service providers have all come up with emergency road services. Most of them will provide the basic services and a tow. But there are some that leave you stuck with an unexpected bill. For example, many companies provide towing services for a minimum number of miles, while you get to pay the rest. Or some cell phone companies will not attend to you if you are not carrying the phone with you.

Therefore, when going for any unconventional plan, make sure that you know what the terms and condistions are, making sure you are familiar with them. Carefully examine the services provided, what is charged and what is not, the cost of repair or towing that is covered under the plan and any prerequisites that you might have to meet in order to utilize the service and hopefully, you will save yourself from unexpected, unwelcome bills.