Are You Considering The AAA?

The AAA or the American Automobile Association is no doubt, the most popular emergency auto assistance company in the US, if not the world. Everybody has heard of it and almost anybody, who can afford it, has it. The AAA membership entitles you to road assistance whenever you have any problems with your car while on the road. Their emergency road service is extremely useful for people who travel a lot, or even for people who don’t. Actually, any such service is great especially at times when your car breaks down, or when you lock yourself out of your car.

The Triple A, as we commonly know it as, offers three kinds of membership plans. All membership plans include: help on call for flat tires, lockouts, engine trouble and any other mechanical problem that you might have. The basic membership costs around $65 per year. The Plus package, which is the medium version is for $96 and year and the Plus RV, which is the top class service from AAA costs around $126 an year. A good part about having a AAA membership is that they apply to the person and not the car. This means you can call them even if you are with someone who’s car happens to breaks down.