Always remember Roadside Assistance Program

Roadside Assistance Program means services offered by automobile manufacturers or the vehicle dealers to assist drivers when they are in distress, particularly when the vehicles suffer breakdown on highways and roads. It is important that every vehicle owner is aware of this service since it is significance to him / her as well as their vehicles.

Roadside Assistance Programs can be handy for all types of drivers, especially lone woman drivers or those driving with their families.

Roadside Assistance Program covers all aspects of the vehicle — engine breakdown, towing, flat tire and distress.

There are two categories of Roadside Assistance Program. First is the service offered by the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. The second is the third party service provider.

Usually, brand new vehicles are covered under the Roadside Assistance Program offered by the dealer or automobile manufacturer. But there have been instances when vehicle owners, dissastisified with the service offered, may register with third party service provider for better services. Predominantly, vehicle owners prefer the service offered by the manufacturer.

Though the awareness level about Roadside Assistance Programm is very high, not many vehicle owners use it regulary. Some providers of Roadside Assistance Programm offer a free package for the first few years of the purchase, while others charge a fee for the service.

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