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Unrealistic Expectations For Hybrids

According to a recent study by J.D. Power and Associates, there is a great amount of interest in hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles.  In fact, less than 25% of people asked revealed that they would only consider purchasing a car powered by gasoline. However, there are some misconceptions.  Motorists who purchased a hybrid car expected […]

Common Driving Mistakes To Avoid

It’s familiar to us all.  You’re 10 minutes late, driving to work, and you need to make up for lost time.  So, suddenly you find yourself with a lead foot and you begin multi tasking by catching up on phone calls.  Doesn’t sound very safe, huh?  We all make common driving mistakes, but we need […]

Finding A Car That Handles Well In Rain

There’s nothing worse than planning a trip and waking up to find violent, heavy rains pouring down out of the sky.  There are two things you need in this situation, an auto warranty and a road service program.  Do you have a vehicle that is ready for driving in this situation?  In this situation it […]

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Carpooling To Save You Money

With people wanting to save money on gas and the trend for green living, motorists are looking to carpooling as an option.  This way of commuting is good for the pocketbook, the environment, and perhaps even people’s social lives. People who ride in carpools find each other through websites, word of mouth, employers, and the […]

How To Avoid Expensive Car Repairs Down The Road

Many motorists don’t realize that a little bit of routine maintenance can keep you free of expensive car repairs.  And most maintenance takes no more time than refilling the fluid for your windshield wipers.  Here are a few tips to help keep drivers safe and free of trouble. Make sure to change your oil every […]

Strategies That Will Help You Car Shopping

If you’re planning on going car shopping you need to do a few things first.  Just by taking some simple steps, you can save money on a vehicle and make the process a lot easier. First, you might want to think about buying a pre-owned car.  New cars will lose about 30% of their worth […]

Which Car Owners Are The Most Loyal?

Results from a recent study show that motorists who repeat buy the same car brand the most are owners of hybrids.  By segment, the buyers who were the most loyal were those of full-size pickup trucks, which is a long held title. The news about hybrids is quite significant because not all car manufacturers offer […]

Should You Buy A Truck Or Car Based SUV?

You can get SUVs in a large variety of sizes and prices.  They give you more versatility than any other kind of vehicle.  They allow different options for carrying cargo, will hold up to eight people, and allow people to be higher up off of the road.  Also, they can handle off-road terrain.  SUVs come […]

Can A Crack In Your Windshield Be Fixed?

Many motorists have been in the situation where an object hits their windshield and a big crack shows up.  Your windshield might even end up bad enough that you have to call your road service program.  However, when do you know if it necessary to replace the windshield or if the crack can just be […]

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How To Buy A Car If You Have Poor Credit

When determining the amount of money you can pay for a vehicle you must consider your credit.  Yet, experts say that consumers should shop around at various dealers to make comparisons on special deals on financing. To help with your car shopping experience, request a copy of your credit report by going through a credit […]