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You Should Be Aware Of These Brake Problems

Since your car carries precious cargo, you need to be aware of its safety features.  One aspect of safety that people often ignore is the brake system.  That is, until a major problem arises.  Don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road calling your road service program, look out for the following brake […]

Don’t Buy A Car That Has Water Damage

There is nothing worse that purchasing a car and finding out that it has an ocean of problems, literally. Why?  The number of cars on the market in the last five years that have been damaged by flooding, hurricanes or rains has doubled.  Certain states have actually reported an increase of six times more than […]

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Roadside Assistance Is A Must When You’re Up Against Bad Roads

Roads often seem like they are war-zones.  Motorists encounter ruts, potholes, and icy roads that can be dangerous.  Just being aware of bad road conditions can help drivers protect themselves.  Here are a few tips that can help you avoid accidents. Be on the lookout for nasty potholes.  If you encounter a pothole, slow down […]

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What Steps Do You Take After An Auto Accident?

Car accidents are always unnerving and happen unexpectedly.  An accident leaves motorists feeling shocked and stunned, and often, they don’t know what to do next.  Here are some important steps to take in this situation. First, make sure everyone is OK, and if not place a 911 call.  Also, always contact the police and then […]

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What Is At The Heart Of A Car’s Cooling System?

The heart of the cooling system in a vehicle is the water pump.  It serves the purpose of circulating engine coolant through the entire system, starting with the radiator, then to the engine and back.  The water pump allows you to use air conditioning when it’s hot out. The vehicle’s engine powers the water pump […]

The SUV Market Has Changed Drastically

There has been a drastically changing landscape for the SUV market over the past year.  Driven by the poor economy, truck-based and full-size SUVs have declined in favor of car-based SUVs that are smaller.  MSN Autos has also experienced this trend among car searches. The Honda CRV is the most popular, and best selling SUV […]

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Will A Fancy Paint Job Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

If you are shopping for vehicles, you may realize that some cars cost more because of the paint job.  Paint can add an extra expense of up to $1,000.  This can feel like a big expense after factoring in other vehicle expenses, such as road service and new car warranties.  It’s difficult for people to […]

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Is Your Mechanic Trying To Rip You Off?

Unless you are actually a mechanic yourself, it may require a leap of faith to deal with a repair shop.  However, paying attention to your mechanic’s actions can give you clues to their honesty.  Here are some things to look out for. If your mechanic says you need to flush your engine right away, or […]

How Do Americans Feel About Cars Made In America?

According to The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, the results from its Q2 aren’t good for domestic auto manufacturers.  The people at ASCI claim that customer satisfaction is higher than ever for the whole industry, however there aren’t any American automakers that made the top four.  And the bottom three on the list are made in […]

Why A Car Inspection Is So Important

Never buy a used vehicle without having it scrutinized by an independent mechanic.  You never know the true state of a used vehicle until a professional has examined it.  Failure to do this could have you calling for emergency roadside assistance. A dealership shouldn’t object to you having a private inspection if you leave a […]

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