Finding A Car That Handles Well In Rain

images-59.jpgThere’s nothing worse than planning a trip and waking up to find violent, heavy rains pouring down out of the sky.  There are two things you need in this situation, an auto warranty and a road service program.  Do you have a vehicle that is ready for driving in this situation?  In this situation it is necessary to have a car that ensures a smooth, safe ride, even in ice and rain.

According to the FHWA approximately 6,400,000 cars are involved in accidents every year.  About twenty five percent of these accidents are related to weather.  Here are some of the best cars to handle in rain.

Although you may not believe it, the Porsche Cayman, as well as the Cayman S are two of the best cars in rain.  They are packed with essential all weather features.

For instance, these vehicles have a wiper system with rain sensors that make the wipers activate as soon as water hits the glass.  Also, wipers shut off after the car reaches 131 mph.

In addition, these cars have great tire traction, as well as mud guards.  They also have the Porsche Stability Management System, which detects when the car is slipping.

Finally, these cars have four-wheel disc brakes that are anti-lock.  They are cross-drilled for optimal performance.

Posted on Saturday, December 25th, 2010 at 7:05 pm In Road Service  

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