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Some Car Dealerships Are Haggle-Free

Car dealers have haggled with their customers for years.  This practice has allowed salesmen to con buyers into buying cars and new car warranties, using all kinds of negotiating strategies.  But car dealers have paid for it by being known as untrustworthy. Some dealers are changing their ways by dumping haggling.  The eighth largest chain […]

How To Know If Your Mechanic Is Trustworthy

Unless you are actually a mechanic yourself, it may require a leap of faith to deal with a repair shop.  However, paying attention to your mechanic’s actions can give you clues to their honesty.  Here are some things to look out for. If your mechanic says you need to flush your engine right away, or […]

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How To Go About Purchasing Car Parts

Most people don’t realize that there is certain etiquette involved when buying parts at the parts counter.  Following this etiquette will allow you to get the parts that you want without unnecessary hassle and keep you from driving the staff crazy. When you go to a parts counter at a dealership you need to have […]

Current Cars That Could Become Future Collectibles

One of the most expensive hobbies is collecting cars.  But, here is a twist.  Purchase a new vehicle now that will become a valuable collectible in years to come.  The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a value-appreciating car.  The following cars are on the road now, but […]

When It’s Time To Have Your Brakes Fixed

Since your car carries precious cargo, you need to be aware of its safety features.  One aspect of safety that people often ignore is the brake system.  That is, until a major problem arises.  Don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road calling your road service program, look out for the following brake […]

Taking Your Family On A Road Trip

One of the most fun family activities is taking road trips.  Families can make a lot of fond memories traveling on the open road.  Americans will take more than 320 vacation trips over the spring and summer season.  However, frustration and stress can come along with a family road trip, so take note of some […]

GPS Systems Distract Drivers

Satellite navigation devices, or the popular GPS interfaces that many motorists have in their vehicles, are, partly responsible for a large share of accidents and driving practices that are risky. With about half of the motorists on the roads having access to devices such as these in their vehicles, it appears that this technology has […]

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Driving Safely At Night

The riskiest time for car crashes are between midnight and six o’clock in the morning.  This is because there are the fewest drivers at this time of day, yet more accidents.  If you need to drive during these hours it is important to consider some important factors.  Safe driving at night calls for preparation, alertness, […]

How To Avoid Running Out Of Gas

Road service calls have been at an all time high because motorists are running out of gas.  It seems that people have been putting off trips to the gas pump because of the poor economy. Many people run out of gas during snowstorms because they aren’t expecting to sit idle behind an accident or wait […]

How To Decide If You Need Four-Wheel Drive

According to auto experts, it makes sense that four-wheel drive would make drivers and passengers safer.  Every year, more new cars are being sold with the option for all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.  However, does it make sense for you to purchase one of these vehicles?  Do you really need it?  And are we actually […]