What To Look For In An Emergency Road Service Plan

Different types of emergency road service plans are created for people with different types of needs and requirements. With the increasing competition in the emergency auto assistance market, most companies are coming up with plans that cost lower and lower, but which make you cough up the cost of almost anything and everything that the service providers do for you. Therefore, nowadays, it is not just important that you have an emergency road service plan, but that you have one where you do not have to pay hefty auto repair or towing bills.

Some of the main things that you need to consider before signing up for an emergency road service program are as follows:

  • Check out whether lockout assistance, jumpstarts, tyre changes, fuel and water delivery and any other things that you consider basic are included for free with the membership or whether you will be required to pay for these also.
  • Towing is another service that almost all emergency road services charge extra for beyond a certain number of miles. Check whether the distance that the vehicle will be towed for free is enough for you. If not, choose a plan that provides the maximum towing mileage.
  • What is the process of reimbursement if you have to pay cash for some services that are covered by your sssplan? At times, the process is so cumbersome that many people do not even file for reimbursement and end up paying a lot of extra money out of their pockets.