Types of emergency auto assistance

Emergency auto assistance is sometimes provided to us at no extra charge as additional benefits or bonus inclusions in certain warranty and insurance packages.  Most often such benefits in fact result from relationships forged between the warranty or insurance company and the emergency auto assistance provider.  We would be told that we are receiving these as additional or bonus benefits, we are in fact contributing some part of our payment for the first service onto the issuance of the second.  We do not complain however, since we are generally saved the time and hassle of finding this own service ourselves.

While emergency auto assistance varies from provider to provider, the general package is often the same across board.  This means that irregardless of where you purchase your emergency auto assistance, you can be assured that you would be able to choose from tire change services to lockout assistance to even emergency fuel delivery and towing facilities.  Some other facilities of emergency auto assistance however could be debatable from one provider to the next.  Among these would be such factors such as coverage mileages, safety zones, and bonus factors.  Some emergency auto assistance packages even offer the option of being extended to cover family members within a specified household.