Service for vehicles in distress

Road service refers to the different kinds of assistance rendered to vehicle owners in distress either on freeways or at their homes. The road service is offered by the vehicle dealers in association with the car manufacturers. It is necessary to register for this service at the time of purchasing the car since is very helpful.
Imagine, you are on a highway and your vehicle develops a technical snag. You cannot flag down a passing car for help. If you have registered for car service, immediately call the helpdesk and register a complaint. The road service squad will be deployed for your assistance as soon as possible.
The road service squad will identify the mechanical fault or technical snag and rectify it on the spot to enable a hassle free journey. However, if the fault cannot be rectified on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest work station by the squad. The assistance offered under road service includes engine repair, drive train and power train repair, resolving jump starting and ignition problems, engine and horn tuning and fluid and fuel delivery.
The road service is offered for a fee fixed by the auto dealer. However, some dealers offer road service as complimentary to maintain the goodwill of the customers.

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