Road Side Service

Road service refers to an on demand service provided by dealers in association with vehicle manufacturers whenever vehicle drivers are in distress while on steets or freeways. In some states, it is an obligatory duty on part of the vehicle dealer to provide road service. Some dealers launch this service to earn the goodwill of its customers.

Road service operates on the basis of a hotline telephone number. Imagine a situation wherein you car experiences a mechanical problem while driving. If you have registered for the road service, you have to call the hotline telephone number and register the complaint. Mobile help squads, which are stationed on the highways, will be sent to assist you.

Once the mobile squad detects the nature of the problem, it will work towards solving the technical problem as part of the road service. The range of service covers drive train, power train, engine, mechanical faults, flat tire, jump starting, ignition, horn tuning, fuel and fluid delivery and road map assistance.
If the mobile squad fails to rectify the problem, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair workshop. The road service comes at a nominal fee. It is necessary for all vehicle owners to register for this service. Some dealers offer road service as a complementary service.