Road Service to the Rescue

Emergency road service refers to assistance rendered by a consortium of car dealers, car manufacturers, local county administration, health and transport departments whenever vehicle owners are in distress on highways. This service is available round-the-clock. It is necessary to register for this service since it is very helpful.

Emergency road service is operated through a help desk, which is connected to various stakeholders of the consortium. Imagine, a situation where the car has veered off the road. Immediately send, a text message on the phone or call the service provider and explain the situation. Help will arrive from the consortium. In some counties, this is an obligatory duty performed free of any cost. It is important to remember the help desk telephone number. So, prominently display the telephone number inside the car.

At the time of purchasing a brand new car or used car, check for this emergency road service with the dealer. Some dealers offer this service as part of the vehicle warranty. It is better to opt for such warranties since the cost will not be high. If you are not happy with the warranty provider, then opt for the service rendered by the individual consortium. More services are offered under the paid category to the vehicle owners.