Emergency auto service for the inexperienced driver

Emergency auto services are most beneficial to young inexperienced drivers, particularly young female drivers – inexperienced or not.  It is the promised aid to the driver in times when he or she may be inconvenienced the most by the smallest of details that may have slipped his or her attention. 
It can be a means of reassurance for the odd time that the driver may have forgotten to fill his tank, or it can be a means of support for the driver who may have unwittingly locked herself out of her car while on a short errand.  It can be a means of support for emergency assistance in times of a breakdown (which may have occurred because of a problem that could have been fixed by a routine servicing which the vehicle owner may have missed), or it can be the means of support to get the vehicle to the mechanic when unforeseen circumstances occur.  But whatever the means of support that emergency auto service can provide to the driver or vehicle owner, you can be assured that you will get the best support at any time without penalties attached or criticism as to why the assistance may be needed in the first place.