Emergency auto assistance as provided within the car warranty

Emergency auto assistance is often a part of many car warranty services.  If you new car warranty includes emergency auto assistance, then on closer inspection you might just find that you benefit from free roadside assistance services.

Emergency auto assistance services as provided through the car warranty would however be subject to the manufacturer’s stipulations and what he views as required or necessary. 

For example, some emergency auto assistance services as provided by the car warranty provider would provide you with coverage for only a few months or they could hold until the end of the entire warranty period.  Other emergency auto assistance services would assure you of free coverage for every type of emergency assistance, while still others would specify the amount of calls that you could make for free assistance until you are charged for the service.  It is even possible too the car warranty stipulations would restrict the amount of free services that you could benefit from while advising you that other services must be paid for.  For example, it is possible to get free roadside towing assistance for up to two or three times before you are required to pay for the towing service, while on the other hand you would never be charged for lockout services.