Driver-friendly service

Road service is an assistance rendered by the vehicle dealers and manufacturers to bail drivers out of crisis. This service comes for free in some states while it is charged in some other states. It also depends on the dealer from whom the car has been purchased. Some dealers also offer road service as a complementary service.

Whenever drivers face problem with the vehicle, they have to call a hotline telephone number for the road service. The complaint will be immediately relayed to the nearest mobile repair squad. The mobile repair squad will arrive at the spot and rectify the technical problem. The squad will attend to problems relating to engine, mechanics, power train and others. They also lend assistance in replacing flat tires, engine and horn tuning, delivering fuels and fluid and others.

If the road service mobile squads fail to fix the technical fault on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest workstation. If vehicle drivers intend to continue their journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided. If the driver intends to stay back till the repairs are completed, lodging accommodation will be made. Register for road service since it is driver friendly. ATM locator, tourist guide, road map assistance are also part of road service.