Don’t Fret, A Tow Truck is On The Way!

Emergency auto assistance is help provided by a service involving local auto dealers and vehicle manufacturers to vehicles in distress. This service is provided is available for a prescribed fee. The service providers are listed with the local auto dealers. Check out the offers made by these dealers before finalizing a service provider.

Repair, maintenance, flat tire replacement, engine tuning, jump start resolving, ignition, mechanical fault rectification, horn tuning, fuel and fluid delivery and road guidance are offered under the emergency auto assistance. This is a new concept launched by auto dealers in the US to attract more customers.
The emergency auto assistance works through a telephone hotline facility established by the consortium. This number can be reached by any phone. If your vehicle is presenting any problem, call this number and help will be sent. Therefore, it is important to remember the number of the hotline facility.
The advantage of emergency auto assistance is that an alternative vehicle will be provided to the vehicle owners to continue their journey if their car develops an irreparable mechanical fault while on speedways. The vehicle will be towed to the nearest workshop by the emergency auto service provider. If the vehicle owner is willing to break the journey, hotel accommodation will be provided.