911 for your car

Emergency road service is a mandatory service offered by the auto dealer to bail car drivers out of distress. Though not prescribed under law, emergency auto service has now become an important service. There are hardly any dealers, who are not offering emergency road service. It is one of the important features, which dealers bank on, to increase the sales.

Emergency road service covers a wide range of assistance such as rectifying mechanical faults and engine failure, repairing drive train and power train, engine and horn tuning, flat tire replacement, fuel and fluid delivery and road map assistance. Imagine, you are lost on the highway, you are supposed to be guided to the nearest human habitation by the service provider.
Other assistance under emergency road service include, identifying nearby hotels and motels, gas filling stations, hotel reservation confirmation, ATM locator, providing chauffeur services and towing the vehicle to the nearby repair workshop.
The emergency road service provider will levy a fee to render assistance. There are several agencies, which offer this service, in association with dealers. Check out the services with your local dealer before signing up for the service. It is recommended that all vehicle owners register for this service since it is highly useful.