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Changing A Flat Tire

If you happen to get stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, it is good to know how to change it. In order to be properly prepared for a flat you should keep a spare tire and lug wrench in your trunk as well as look in your owner’s manual to […]

Rotating Your Car’s Tires

There are a lot of things to know about rotating your car’s tires. It is a useful procedure to help keep your tires in the best shape to keep you off the side of the road. However, if you do get stuck you should call for roadside assistance to help you. To help keep you […]

Preventing Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns never happen at a good time. We all want our cars to be reliable and get us to our intended destination. In order to keep your car on the road there are some basic inspections and maintenance checks you should perform: First, you should walk around the car and do some visual checks. […]

5 Most Common Causes For A Vehicle Breakdown

If your car breaks down on the side of the road it is a good idea to call for roadside assistance. Signing up for a roadside assistance program with a wide variety of roadside benefits is key to getting all the help you need for any possible situation you get stuck in. These are the […]

Survival Tips For A Vehicle Breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down, there are many steps you should take to handle the situation: One: Always have an emergency kit readily available for your use if needed. Two: Know how to perform basic repairs on your car. Such repairs include oil checks, battery connection, radiator fluid checks, and tire changes. Three: Do not […]

Dead Car Batteries: Causes and Solutions

What causes your car battery to die? Well, there are multiple things that can happen to cause the problem: Leaving your headlights or the lights inside your car on overnight can definitely cause your car battery to die. Also, if the terminals are not clean and dirt has built up on them, the connection between […]