Dead Car Batteries: Causes and Solutions

Car BatteryWhat causes your car battery to die? Well, there are multiple things that can happen to cause the problem:

Leaving your headlights or the lights inside your car on overnight can definitely cause your car battery to die. Also, if the terminals are not clean and dirt has built up on them, the connection between the terminals and the cables will be weakened. The charge from the connection between the terminals and the cables is what cranks the engine, so it is important for the connection to be strong. In addition, cold weather makes it harder for a car battery to get an adequate charge and to keep that charge going. If there are severe low temperatures, the battery unit can freeze causing it not to work. Lastly, not using the car for extended periods of time or leaving it in storage for an extended period of time can cause your battery to not work.

What should you do when your car’s battery dies? There are a couple of solutions to the problem:
First, you can call a friend or family member to come and jump-start your car with jumper cables. If there is no one near by that can help you, calling for roadside assistance is your best solution. Having a good roadside assistance program that can help you if you are stuck is extremely important. With roadside assistance you can receive a bunch of different roadside benefits, including a battery jump-start. Once your car is jump-started, you should drive it for about thirty minutes without turning your car off, this way your alternator will recharge your battery. In case of a dead battery, it is always a smart idea to keep jumper cables in your car.

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