Preventing Vehicle Breakdowns

Broken Down CarVehicle breakdowns never happen at a good time. We all want our cars to be reliable and get us to our intended destination. In order to keep your car on the road there are some basic inspections and maintenance checks you should perform:

First, you should walk around the car and do some visual checks. Check all of your lights and replace any bulbs that no longer work. Also, check the wiper blades and be sure they are not cracked and that the material is not separated from the blade itself. In addition be sure to inspect the tires for low air pressure and uneven wear.

Next, be sure to take a look under the hood of your car. Make sure that your engine drive belts are not loose, cracked, or frayed. Also, check the engine coolant hoses to be sure there are no leaks, loose clamps, or swelling around the clamps. Be sure to also flush and refill your car’s cooling system approximately every twenty-four months. In addition, be sure that your air conditioning system is properly working and cooling off your car in a quick enough amount of time. Make sure that you either change the oil yourself or bring it to the shop to get an oil change when necessary. Also, check the car’s fluids and refill and replace as needed. Such fluids include windshield wiper fluid, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Also, have your filters replaced when necessary. It is also important to clean the battery posts and terminal cables as well as inspect them for corrosion and other abnormalities.

Lastly, check underneath your car. Look under your parked car too see if there are any leaking fluids. Also, look and listen for leaks coming from the exhaust system. When you are driving, be sure to check the feel and response of your brakes. If any brake problems are noticed bring the car to the shop for repairs.

Although vehicle breakdowns are preventable, if you do get stuck on the side of the road, be sure to have a reliable roadside assistance program on call that you can contact when you need help.

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