How You Can Avoid Road Rage

roadside-ass-pict.jpgWe’ve all been there.  You encounter another driver who loses his temper and elicits road rage directed at you.  And the result is that you yourself become enraged.  Road rage has become a sort of cultural phenomenon that occurs all over the nation. Sometimes road rage even results in accidents that require roadside assistance.

People living in major metropolitan areas on the east or west coast elicit the worst road rage.  Drivers in the Northwest or Midwest tend to be more laid back and don’t experience as much road rage.  According to a study conducted nationwide, the city with the most aggressive driving is Miami, for the second year in a row.  The next worse was New York, followed by Boston, Los Angeles and Washington.  These cities experience the most traffic, and therefore, aggressive driving.

Data also shows that it isn’t just the increase in the number of drivers that is responsible for road rage; it is the increase in the age of drivers.  The senior population is the fastest growing demographic in the nation, which means seniors need to be able to adjust to aggressive drivers and crowded roadways.

There are several things that all drivers can do to avoid road rage.  First of all, people shouldn’t offend other drivers.  This includes tailgating, cutting people off, and making gestures.  In addition, drivers who are at risk for rage should take a minute to adjust their attitudes and put themselves in the shoes of other drivers.

Posted on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 at 5:11 pm In Roadside Assistance Program