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Be Prepared To Jump Start Your Vehicle

In case your car is dead it is always a good idea to know how to jump-start your car.  In addition, make sure you have an auto warranty and roadside assistance in case of an emergency. Jump-starting a car is a pretty easy task, which only calls for a few tools.  The most important thing […]

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Car Expenses

People are often irrational about their vehicles.  They treat them as if they are their babies and shower them with affection.  Some drivers even talk to their vehicles and give them a pat here and there.  But as much as our cars mean to us, we don’t need to waste money on them.  Here are […]

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Is It Time For You To Replace Your Alternator?

When thinking of the engine, most people don’t consider how important the alternator is.  In fact, the alternator is indispensable because the engine won’t run without it.  The alternator is the source where the power train derives power. Alternators were created in order to convert mechanical energy into a current that is alternating.  In order […]

Why It’s So Important To Maintain Tire Pressure

It is very important to maintain a correct tire pressure for the safety of your vehicle, especially when cold weather can cause the air pressure in tires to decrease. It is estimated that 650 people are killed and 32,000 are injured as a result of car crashes related to problems with tires.  However, a recent […]

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Is It Worth Paying Extra For Synthetic Oil?

Many drivers don’t know if they should be using regular or synthetic oil in their vehicles.  To determine the answer you need to consider the age of your car, it’s mileage, and what is recommended by the carmaker. Cars that have high mileage and are older usually have engine wear that is excessive, which allows […]

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What Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Car accidents are always unnerving and happen unexpectedly.  An accident leaves motorists feeling shocked and stunned, and often, they don’t know what to do next.  Here are some important steps to take in this situation. First, make sure everyone is OK, and if not place a 911 call.  Also, always contact the police and then […]

How To Keep From Buying A Lemon

Regardless of the year or make, one of the biggest investments people will make is a vehicle.  Buying a used car is a great way for consumers to save some money.  However, risks can be higher, which is why an auto warranty and roadside assistance should be purchased for the car.  Fortunately, there are ways […]

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Don’t Find Yourself Stuck With A Dead Battery

One of the worst things that can happen to a motorist is getting into your car just to find that you have a dead battery.  At this moment people realize the importance of a good road service program, however, some motorists may not be covered by this.  But, the best thing to do is detect […]

What States Have The Most Expensive Car Insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently performed a study to determine what the best and worst states are in the country for auto insurance.  According to the study, you are paying the highest insurance premiums if you live in the Northeast. New Jersey proved to be the most expensive state.  On average, premiums in […]

Summer Road Trips

One of the family activities that are the most fun is going on road trips.  Although enjoyable, frustration can accompany families on the road.  Take note of the following do’s and don’ts in order to ensure that your family has a great trip. The most important thing that you can do is to get your […]