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How To Handle Windshield Damage

Many motorists have been in the situation where an object hits their windshield and a big crack shows up.  Your windshield might even end up bad enough that you have to call your road service program.  However, when do you know if it necessary to replace the windshield or if the crack can just be […]

Driving On Road Conditions That Are Poor

Roads often seem like they are war-zones.  Motorists encounter ruts, potholes, and icy roads that can be dangerous.  Just being aware of bad road conditions can help drivers protect themselves.  Here are a few tips that can help you avoid accidents. Be on the lookout for nasty potholes.  If you encounter a pothole, slow down […]

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Routine Maintenance Can Save You Money Down The Road

Many motorists don’t realize that a little bit of routine maintenance can keep you free of expensive car repairs.  And most maintenance takes no more time than refilling the fluid for your windshield wipers.  Here are a few tips to help keep drivers safe and free of trouble. Make sure to change your oil every […]

The Better Business Bureau Helps Used Car Shoppers

Many drivers are leery about buying a used car because they are afraid of inheriting old problems that a vehicle may have.  Unfortunately, this instinct is sometimes correct.  If you were considering buying a used car, it would be worth your while to place a call to the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau […]

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Consider Ownership Costs When Purchasing A Car

Most people don’t realize that a less-expensive vehicle can end up costing you more over time than a more-expensive vehicle. For example, a Mitsubishi Lancer costs approximately $17,500.  This is $5,000 less than the sticker price of a Mini Cooper Clubman.  However, when you factor in ownership costs of each vehicle, the Mitsubishi Lancer will […]

In Which States Will You Pay The Most For Car Insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently performed a study to determine what the best and worst states are in the country for auto insurance.  According to the study, you are paying the highest insurance premiums if you live in the Northeast. New Jersey proved to be the most expensive state.  On average, premiums in […]

How Do You Really Feel About Your Vehicle?

It’s common to show affection to the people you love, but we don’t want to forget to give some thought to our vehicles.  A lot of us find our vehicles to be more than just another asset.  They are such a big part of our lives because we depend on them to get us where […]

Cool Spring Break Rides

It’s that time again when students all over the country are taking road trips for spring break.  Chances are that most of these people are headed towards warm, beach weather.  So, what is an ideal ride for these students on spring break? The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a perfect spring break vehicle.  What car would […]

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Why Buy High Performance Tires?

To ensure that your car is operating properly you need to perform routine maintenance.  People assume that they need to make seasonal preparations and change their oil, but they often neglect their tires.  Don’t forget that your driving experience is only going to be as good as the tires that are on your car. One […]

Teens Are Staying Safer Due To Graduated Licensing

When a teenager turns 16 years old, they are excited to get their drivers license.  Unfortunately, teens have more driving accidents than any other age group.  For the majority of teen drivers, the question isn’t whether they are going to have an accident, but when they are going to have an accident. Inexperience is the […]

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