Rental Cars Make Good Used Cars

images-36.jpgA lot of people use major vehicle hire companies like Avis, for rental cars on vacation.  Yet, consumers don’t often realize that these firms are a great source to purchase used vehicles.  Avis is in the business of car rentals, but they often sell their vehicles.  Buying a used vehicle from a company such as Avis allows for big savings.  This gives you more money in your pocket to put towards an auto warranty and roadside assistance.

The cars that Avis sells are over a year old.  This allows Avis to make room for new vehicles.  This means that Avis has a current, well maintained fleet.  Popular car models often end up being sold early, after a certain mileage number has been met.

Another bonus of purchasing a used car from Avis is the metallic paint on the exterior.  You usually don’t find this on cars sold by a dealership.  Often, drivers are hesitant to purchase a used car from a rental firm because they are afraid the car has endured a lot of wear and tear.  After all, many people have used the vehicles.  Yet, Avis says that their vehicles for sale are less than six months old and have less than 13,000 miles.  Also key is that many times the vehicles still have a valid auto warranty.

Posted on Saturday, December 4th, 2010 at 3:17 pm In Roadside Assistance Program