The Honda Fit Is A Great Purchase

images-16.jpgThe Honda Fit made its first appearance in Japan in 2001 and is now being sold around the world.  It has earned many awards, such as “Car of the Year” in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  So why is the Fit so special?

Honda says that the Fit is targeted to people who are buying their first car, those who want a small affordable vehicle, and empty nesters.  Honda hit the target with this because the Fit is “The” best car as far as the small vehicle market is concerned.  It is sporty, with adaptability in the interior, and has the dependability and refinement that is found in all of Honda’s vehicles.  Of course, the Fit offers all of this at a bargain price.  This is a bonus because saving money on a purchase price allows you to buy an auto warranty that will protect your investment.

One of the major benefits of the Fit is the unexpected large area for passengers and cargo thanks to the design of the interior.  It is called: Fit’s Magic Seat.  This magic seat has different modes, including cargo, people or both.  The seatbacks allow for folding down or the bottoms of the seats can flip up.  This provides for four cargo and four seating configurations.

The bottom line is that the Fit is a great car.  The adaptability and configurations of the seating are very clever.  It’s sporty, as well as quiet and practical.  It maneuvers well and has good fuel economy.  In addition, the safety features are superb.  To protect your investment, it makes sense to purchase an auto warranty and roadside assistance for this car that will give you peace of mind.

Posted on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 11:31 am In Roadside Assistance Program