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Use Your Phone To Open Your Car Doors

Cell phones are capable of doing just about anything these days, so they might as well be used to unlock your car doors and start your engine. That was Sharp’s logic when it teamed up with Japanese mobile company NTT DOCOMO and Nissan to manufacture a cell phone that you can program to electronically control […]

Laws That Have Reduced Drunken-Driving Fatalities

Two laws that have been in place since 1988 in all 50 states are receiving new acclaim for lessening fatalities due to drunken-driving. A recent study in Accident Analysis and Prevention in July has recognized that the drinking age increase to age 21 has reduced the ratio of deaths due to drunken-driving by at least […]

Drive At Night Safely

The riskiest time for car crashes are between midnight and six o’clock in the morning.  This is because there are the fewest drivers at this time of day, yet more accidents.  If you need to drive during these hours it is important to consider some important factors.  Safe driving at night calls for preparation, alertness, […]

Tire Buying Tips

Most people would agree that shopping for tires is not one of the most fun things to shop for.  Basically, we would just like to find a set of tires that will fit our car and keep us from calling for road service.  Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should be aware of […]

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What Kind Of Hybrid Is Right For You?

Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular.  With high fuel prices and the poor economy, we need to save on costs.  In fact, many people are putting off filling up their tanks to avoid spending money and finding themselves calling for emergency roadside assistance. Global warming and the air quality also make it a […]

Look Under The Hood When Purchasing A Used Car

When buying a used car you need to do your homework.  This includes doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and don’t forget to look under the hood. You don’t want to end up with a car that will leave you stranded calling for road service.  Here are some things you need to be aware […]

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Common Driving Mistakes That Motorists Make

It’s familiar to us all.  You’re 10 minutes late, driving to work, and you need to make up for lost time.  So, suddenly you find yourself with a lead foot and you begin multi tasking by catching up on phone calls.  Doesn’t sound very safe, huh?  We all make common driving mistakes, but we need […]

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Is It Time To Replace Your Water Pump?

The heart of the cooling system in a vehicle is the water pump.  It serves the purpose of circulating engine coolant through the entire system, starting with the radiator, then to the engine and back.  The water pump allows you to use air conditioning when it’s hot out. The vehicle’s engine powers the water pump […]

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Why It’s Important To Find The Right Roadside Assistance Program

Choosing a roadside assistance program that is right for you can be challenging.  Drivers should do their homework and find a company that they feel is reliable and trustworthy.  In addition, motorists should know what services they are paying for. Recently, a Toyota customer purchased an extended warranty that has free roadside assistance with it.  […]

What’s The Best Used Car?

Forbes has assessed all of the cars out there to conclude that the Honda Accord is the best used car.  In addition, this means that the Accord is the best certified pre-owned car on the market. According to Forbes, there are many certified pre-owned vehicles, however, the Honda Accord deserves to be acknowledged because of […]