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Fatal Crashes Have Decreased In Elderly Drivers

In the last few years drivers over 70 years old have managed to lower the number of fatal car crashes they were occupied in.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that from 1997-2006 there was a 21% decline in accidents that proved fatal for this age group.  This is a complete reversal of what […]

Take A Look Under The Hood Before You Buy A Used Vehicle

When purchasing a used car you need to do your homework.  This includes doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and don’t forget to look under the hood. You don’t want to end up with a car that will leave you stranded calling for road service.  Here are some things you need to be aware […]

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Defensive Driving May Save Your Life

A defensive driver is someone who is always on guard and prepared for what could happen.  They are cautious, yet are able to take action and not put their fate in other drivers’ hands.  The National Safety Council has revealed that driver error accounts for 77% of accidents.  This number can be cut significantly by […]

Don’t Be Tempted To Text And Drive

It can be tempting to text-message in your car, especially if you’re stuck in traffic.  You assume that there is little risk involved, however, if the person in front of you stops a little faster than you intended, all of a sudden you may find yourself calling your road service program. Recent studies show that […]

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Avoid Running Out Of Gas During A Snowstorm

Road service calls have been at an all time high because motorists are running out of gas.  It seems that people have been putting off trips to the gas pump because of the poor economy. Many people run out of gas during snowstorms because they aren’t expecting to sit idle behind an accident or wait […]

What To Do In Case Of An Auto Emergency

Modern vehicles are designed safer to survive accidents and keep passengers safe.  Virtually all automakers include emergency kits installed by the factory.  This is either due to competitive pressure or government regulations.  Most of the roadside kits include reflective markers, jumper cables, and flashlights.  These kits typically deal with mechanical and accident breakdowns. Today’s automobiles […]

Diesel Cars Are Gaining Popularity

With the increase in gas prices around the nation, consumers are finding themselves wondering what fuel-efficient alternatives there are. In fact, more and more drivers are putting off getting to the gas pump and finding themselves stuck on the side of the road calling for emergency auto assistance. Gas-electric hybrids have received a large amount […]

Important Qualities That Motorists Look For In A Car

In this struggling economy, automakers can’t count on slick styling and big engines alone to lure buyers.  Consumers have changed their tastes: appearance and performance are still a priority, but value, gas mileage and practicality are becoming more important than every, according to experts.  In addition, people are protecting themselves with new car warranties and […]

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Car Shoppers Aren’t Doing Enough To Get The Best Deals

A new report shows that new car customers aren’t doing enough to ensure the best deals on financing, new car warranties, and roadside assistance. Only 64 percent of consumers would even attempt a negotiation on the price of a new vehicle.  In addition, over 2 million motorists wouldn’t even bother to research the current value […]

Don’t Make These Common Maintenance Mistakes

Although cars of today don’t require maintenance as regularly as the cars of the past, they still need a maintenance schedule.  This will ensure that your car has a long, healthy life span.  Consulting your owner’s manual for the service schedule that your car requires can save you from having to call your road service […]

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