How To Find A Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

images-7.jpgAfter a vehicle accident, it is as important to find the right auto body shop, as it is to find the right contractor for home repairs.  You can have your road service program tow your vehicle directly to the repair shop that you choose.

There are over 34,000 auto body shops in the nation, which makes choosing the right one confusing.

Insurance companies often make recommendations, yet drivers are ultimately responsible for choosing the auto body repair shop.  To get the best result, motorists need to find a shop that is trustworthy and does quality work.

The National Auto Body Council and the CBBB have joined to offer consumers some much needed tips on choosing the right auto body shop, finding a deal on a rental car, and settling disputes.

To find a trustworthy repair shop, first inquire about the shop’s qualifications.  You can do this by asking questions about advanced technician training.  There are national organizations that you can find this out from such as I-CAR or ASE certification.

The average car will be worked on for about two weeks, so you will need to find a rental car.  Many times the shop will make arrangements for you if you ask them, or for a few dollars a month you can have a rental covered under your insurance.

Finally, make sure to get everything in writing.  You need an estimate of the price of the repairs to be performed.  Also, reputable shops might offer a warranty on their work.

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