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The 2011 Chevrolet Volt

The upcoming Chevrolet Volt, which is an electric plug-in hybrid, is quite impressive.  This four-door hatchback appears very different from the concept car in the 2007 Detroit Auto Show.  GM claims that the production Volt had to be more aerodynamic to provide the efficiency that GM was aiming for. Just like GM announced previously, the […]

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Toyota’s Impressive New Safety System

It seems that Toyota is trying to challenge Volvo for its coveted safety reputation: It’s designed a new supplemental restraint system.  Being called a world-first, the rear window airbag is intended to work together with the head restraints to better protect the heads of passengers in the event of a rear collision. This new safety […]

New Ecologically Responsible Cars

Carmakers around the world are realizing that consumers are looking for ecologically friendly vehicles.  There are many new car models that provide fuel-efficiency, yet look great.  Here are some of the latest. The VW Golf TDI Hybrid provides low emissions with longer legs.  This is a compact hatchback that is popular in Europe.  It utilizes […]

The Government Upgrades Crash Tests

Starting with model year 2010, new car window stickers will have a safety rating combining front, side, as well as rollover tests.  Also, the federal government will upgrade the tests used to compile the ratings.  In addition, female crash dummies will now be used and a new test with a side pole will simulate a […]

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Gas Prices Have Fallen Below $2 Nationwide

The unbelievable has happened: Gas prices have fallen below $2 a gallon, hitting $1.989.  So, what does this mean for America?  The SUV market will pick up?  Carmakers will stop plug-in hybrid technology?  No, absolutely not. But, are gas prices at this ultra-low a good thing?  Actually, probably not.  Of course, this past summer when […]

A New Study Finds California Air More Dangerous Than Drivers

Here’s why people need to be concerned about the state of the environment: Because a situation that is bad is costly-namely in money and lives. California State University recently performed a study, finding that the two regions in California that are the most populated have air pollution that killed more people than car accidents.  This […]

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When To Replace Shocks And Struts

Probably at one time or another you have been told that you need new shocks and (or) struts.  After being quoted a large price, you might find yourself thinking, “Can I get away without replacing them? Your shocks and struts serve two functions in your car.  Some vehicles only have struts, and some only have […]

Avoid Accidents By Performing Routine Maintenance

Every year there are more than 10,000 vehicle accidents in the nation and approximately 450 people die as a result of the collision.  Many of these accidents can be avoided by having routine maintenance performed on your car, not to mention numerous road service calls. The vehicle is by far the most popular means of […]

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Old Cars That Are Popular Again

High new car prices and never ending waiting lists for small fuel-efficient cars like the Toyota Prius have many motorists seeking other alternatives that will allow for a significant savings at the gas pump. Economic vehicles from the ‘90s have had a big increase in the amount of searches on websites such as  Vehicles […]

Recent Survey Shows Most Drivers Don’t Follow Speed Limit

Purdue University conducted a recent survey that found the majority of drivers are perfectly fine with driving at a speed above the posted limit- regardless of what that number is. In fact, 21% of those surveyed said it wasn’t a problem to drive 5 mph over the limit, 43% said it was fine to go […]