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How To Protect Yourself In Rush Hour Traffic

According to research, more commuters than ever are experiencing rush hour breakdowns.  These breakdowns occur between 7-9 am and are leaving employees and carpool moms stranded.  Motorists should have a roadside assistance program to protect themselves in this case. Breakdowns leave drivers stranded and expose them to road dangers.  In a recent survey of motorists […]

Colorado’s New System That Cuts Down On Collisions

Colorado has a new system that will help prevent road kill along one of the busiest highways in the state.  The system works by using an underground cable running parallel to the highway that is able to sense if an animal is around through an electromagnetic field.  If an animal trips the system, drivers are […]

How To Choose A Roadside Assistance Program

With modern vehicles, professional help is usually required for repairs. A roadside assistance program brings a great deal of reassurance in case of breakdowns. However, picking a road service program can be difficult. Here are some things to consider when trying choosing a program that works for you. Price is a large factor to consider […]

Why A Roadside Assistance Program Is Essential

There’s nothing more inconvenient than turning your ignition just to find that you have a dead battery. At that point the only thing you can do is get a jump-start or call for roadside assistance. However, there are some preventative measures that you can take to avoid getting stuck in this position. Regardless of the […]

A New Bluetooth Speaker That You Attach To Your Steering Wheel

For you drivers out there who are determined to stick with your Bluetooth-less vehicle for a little longer, yet who would like to take advantage of that technology, there may be an easy solution that doesn’t attach to your sun visor. The new Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter fastens to the steering wheel on the inside […]

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When Do You Need A Hybrid-Certified Mechanic?

More motorists are deciding to switch to hybrid cars for better fuel-efficiency, however, just like any car; hybrids need common maintenance and occasional repairs. A regular mechanic can do work that is routine, yet you will need hybrid-certified mechanics for jobs that are more extensive. According to a Toyota service director in Tampa, hybrid work […]

Microsoft’s Latest Car Technology

Microsoft’s latest attempt at vehicle technology appears to be promising. Vi-Fi, or vehicle Wi-Fi, is Wi-Fi connections in vehicles. Microsoft has partnered up with the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts in order to make Wi-Fi connections a reliable and steady experience, which hasn’t happened with offerings by cell phone makers and their […]

Toyota Introduces Its Certified Used Hybrid Program

Everyone has heard of certified used cars, however, Toyota is going to introduce a certified used car program exclusive to hybrids. This will be the first program of its kind among carmakers. Toyota is hoping that the added inspection and auto warranty will spike consumer confidence in pre-owned hybrid cars by guaranteeing that the cars […]

Poor Road Conditions Make Roadside Assistance A Must

Roads often seem like they are war-zones.  Motorists encounter ruts, potholes, and icy roads that can be dangerous.  Just being aware of bad road conditions can help drivers protect themselves.  Here are a few tips that can help you avoid accidents. Be on the lookout for nasty potholes.  If you encounter a pothole, slow down […]

Use Your iPhone To Set Up Carpools

Many companies have offered ride-sharing sites on the Internet that help fill seats in people’s cars and conserve gas use and greenhouse gasses, however, has the big advantage of being affiliated with iPhone. This downloadable application lets motorists create a social network of vehicles and passengers who are traveling in the same direction. In […]