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Steps You Can Take To Become A Defensive Driver

A defensive driver is someone who is always on guard and prepared for what could happen.  They are cautious, yet are able to take action and not put their fate in other drivers’ hands.  The National Safety Council has revealed that driver error accounts for 77% of accidents.  This number can be cut significantly by […]

What To Do If Your Fuel Pump Fails

Cars need fuel pumps because the gas tank is on the opposite side of the car than the engine.  The purpose of the fuel pump is to bring the fuel to the engine. Fuel pumps come in two varieties.  Vehicles that have electronic fuel injection systems use electrical fuel pumps.  Carbureted vehicles have mechanical fuel […]

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How To Find A Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

After a vehicle accident, it is as important to find the right auto body shop, as it is to find the right contractor for home repairs.  You can have your road service program tow your vehicle directly to the repair shop that you choose. There are over 34,000 auto body shops in the nation, which […]

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Toyota Announces A $1.7 Billion Loss

Lately, news has been all about the domestic carmakers losing billions of dollars each month, yet for the first time in 70 years Toyota just announced that it lost money.  Toyota’s operating loss was $1.7 billion, which is a significant amount, however it doesn’t even come close to the amount that Ford, Chrysler, and GM […]

Using Antilock Brakes In Winter Weather

Most cars today come equipped with antilock brakes, or ABS.  Chances are you have heard about ABS, but you may not know what they actually are.  This is a safety feature that is able to detect if a wheel is about to lock up on your vehicle.  When this happens the hydraulic pressure of the […]

A Recent Survey Finds Most Motorists Fear Breakdowns

Motorists traveling on their own fear that at some point they might have car problems.  This isn’t surprising since drivers are spending more and more time in their car.  People are driving long distances to and from work, and have more errands than ever, so it is inevitable that drivers will experience a breakdown at […]

How Do U.S. Car Safety Standards Differ From Europe?

Many people wonder why carmakers sell different models overseas than in the U.S. And, why is it so hard to bring a popular vehicle in Europe to the U.S.  For example, if Ford has success selling the Fiesta in Europe, which would fit the needs of Americans who are more gas conscious than ever, why […]

Research Shows Older Drivers Are Avoiding Fatal Car Crashes

In the last few years drivers over 70 years old have managed to lower the number of fatal car crashes they were occupied in.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that from 1997-2006 there was a 21% decline in accidents that proved fatal for this age group.  This is a complete reversal of what […]

How To Ensure You Don’t Buy A Lemon

Never buy a used car without having it scrutinized by an independent mechanic.  You never know the true state of a used vehicle until a professional has examined it.  Failure to do this could have you calling for emergency roadside assistance. A dealer shouldn’t object to you having a private inspection if you leave a […]

Due To The Poor Economy, More Drivers Are Uninsured

As the economy declines, more motorists are trying to save money by abandoning their car insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council, the uninsured rate and the unemployment rate are directly correlated.  When unemployment increases 1%, uninsured drivers increase a half-percent.  As of November, unemployment was up 2% since last year. In a study that […]