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Distracted Drivers Put Motorists At Risk

Motorists today are more distracted than ever. Drivers are making phone calls, adjusting dashboard gadgets, playing with the radio, etc. If you’re driving behind a vehicle that is speeding up and slowing down randomly, there’s a good chance that the driver is preoccupied. The best thing that you can do in this instance is drive […]

Maintain Tire Pressure For Safety

For the safety of you and your vehicle, you should maintain proper tire pressure. Approximately 650 motorists are killed, and 32,000 injured every year due to tire related problems. Yet, a recent survey showed that at least 84% of drivers don’t bother to check the pressure in their tires. What people don’t realize is that […]

Routine Car Maintenance Can Prevent Accidents

In the U.S. there are approximately 10,000 car accidents every year and around 450 motorists die in them. Simply by performing routine maintenance, a large amount of these accidents could be prevented. Before hitting the road, inspect the following car parts to determine that they are working correctly. First, examine your tires. Many motorists make […]

How To Prepare For An Emergency On The Road

An emergency on the road can occur at any time, whether you have an old or new car.  Any number of problems could cause it, from a flat tire or breakdown, to running out of gas.  There are several things you can do to prepare yourself for a situation such as this.  First, you should […]

Before Purchasing A Used Car, Take It To A Mechanic

Never buy a used car without having it scrutinized by an independent mechanic.  You never know the true state of a used vehicle until a professional has examined it.  Failure to do this could have you calling for emergency roadside assistance. A dealer shouldn’t object to you having a private inspection if you leave a […]

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Pre-Owned Vehicle

Many Motorists are leery to purchase a used car because they don’t want to inherit past problems that a car may have. Unfortunately, sometimes this instinct is correct. If you’re thinking of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle you might want to call the Better Business Bureau first. According to the Better Business Bureau, they get loads […]

The Importance Of A Good Roadside Assistance Program

Choosing a roadside assistance program that is right for you can be challenging.  Drivers should do their homework and find a company that they feel is reliable and trustworthy.  In addition, motorists should know what services they are paying for. Recently, a Toyota customer purchased an extended warranty that has free roadside assistance with it.  […]

What Vehicles Are Known For Their Durability?

Motorists are realizing that today’s vehicles are able to withstand more demands than ever. There are a variety of vehicles on the road that are durable and reliable. So, what cars are going to keep you from calling for emergency auto assistance? Honda is always a sure thing because they put out cars that are […]

How Safe Are Smart Cars?

Smart cars are becoming more and more popular because of the downsizing trend due to high fuel prices.  But many consumers have reservations about the safety of this car because of its 8 feet long, 5 feet tall dimensions.  So how does the Smart car measure up in safety? According to crash tests conducted in […]

Top Vehicles For 2008 According To Consumer Reports

For 2008, Consumer Reports has chosen four new car models for its Top Picks list.  These are the Chevrolet Silverado for top pickup truck, Lexus LS 460L for luxury sedan, and Hyudai Santa Fe and Hyundai Elantra SE for midsized SUVs and small sedans. This is the first time a South Korean carmaker – Hyundai- […]