The Importance Of A Good Roadside Assistance Program

images-64.jpegChoosing a roadside assistance program that is right for you can be challenging.  Drivers should do their homework and find a company that they feel is reliable and trustworthy.  In addition, motorists should know what services they are paying for.

Recently, a Toyota customer purchased an extended warranty that has free roadside assistance with it.  This is supposed to give drivers help in the event of a breakdown or if they run out of gas.  Unfortunately, this customer ran out of gas on a freeway in Cleveland, but didn’t experience the emergency auto assistance desired.  The rescue driver didn’t even bring the gas initially, he had to run out and get it.  Then, he only put one gallon of gas in the car, when you are entitled to 3 gallons.  The one gallon wouldn’t even start the car, and when asked if he would go get more gas, the driver said, “No. They don’t pay me enough for that.”  Then the driver drove off!

This is a prime example of why people need to feel good about their emergency roadside assistance service company.  Make sure you know what services you are entitled to, and search the Internet for blogs about various companies.  You can learn a lot by reading customer comments.