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The Most Common Driving Mistakes

It’s familiar to us all. You’re 10 minutes late, driving to work, and you need to make up for lost time. So, suddenly you find yourself with a lead foot and you begin multi tasking by catching up on phone calls. Doesn’t sound very safe, huh? We all make common driving mistakes, but we need […]

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Bumper Mismatch Can Result In Major Car Damage

Many people believe that pickup trucks and SUVs cause extreme damage to cars in a collision because they are heavier and bigger. And although size is a factor, the main culprit in collisions involving low speeds is the mismatch of bumper heights. In the United States, SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks aren’t required to have […]

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The Different Types Of Child Safety Seats

Modern cars provide safety for adults, but it is up to parents to provide the special protection needed for children. However, there are many different types of Child seats out there today, which can make it confusing for adults to know what to choose for their child. There are three different types of seats. Infant […]

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Tips For Buying Tires

Most people would agree that shopping for tires is not one of the most fun things to shop for. Basically, we would just like to find a set of tires that will fit our car and keep us from calling for road service. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should be aware of […]

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Tips For Driving At Night

The riskiest time for car crashes are between midnight and six o’clock in the morning.  This is because there are the fewest drivers at this time of day, yet more accidents.  If you need to drive during these hours it is important to consider some important factors.  Safe driving at night calls for preparation, alertness, […]

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How To Get A Reliable Car

People tend to associate Japanese brand cars with reliability.  In a recent reliability list, 22 out of 33 car models were Japanese manufacturers.  A recent survey reveals that this year Subaru and Honda vehicles will rate at least average on reliability. Also forecasted this year is that domestic vehicle models will continue to improve.  Leading […]

Why Emergency Roadside Assistance Is Essential

Maintaining your vehicle will help you avoid road service calls. Yet, many drivers fail to maintain their cars, and a lot of them find themselves stranded on the road calling for emergency roadside assistance. Follow these simple tips to avoid being stranded. Don’t drive with low tire pressure. In years past, service stations would check […]

Why Drivers Are Running Out Of Gas

Emergency roadside assistance calls have been more prevalent than ever because motorists are letting their vehicles run out of gas.  Drivers have been waiting too late to fill up their gas tanks because of the high fuel prices. A lot of people run out of gas in traffic jams because they don’t count on having […]

What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start

There is nothing more inconvenient than trying to start your car and realizing that it isn’t going to happen.  This occurs daily for drivers, so it’s essential to know how to deal with the situation.  In addition to purchasing an emergency roadside assistance program, there are certain things that you can do. A weak battery […]

The Ins And Outs of A Water Pump

The heart of the cooling system in a vehicle is the water pump.  It serves the purpose of circulating engine coolant through the entire system, starting with the radiator, then to the engine and back.  The water pump allows you to use air conditioning when it’s hot out. The vehicle’s engine powers the water pump […]

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