Maintain Tire Pressure For Safety

images1.jpgFor the safety of you and your vehicle, you should maintain proper tire pressure. Approximately 650 motorists are killed, and 32,000 injured every year due to tire related problems. Yet, a recent survey showed that at least 84% of drivers don’t bother to check the pressure in their tires.

What people don’t realize is that tires that aren’t maintained can put you in danger and even leave you stranded on the side of the road. Of course, you can always call for roadside assistance, but you can avoid this situation all together by following a few safety tips.

Be sure not to overload your tires because you don’t want overheating to occur. This could result in a car accident or blowout. Consult your owner’s manual for proper loading instructions.

Also risky, are underinflated tires. This happens naturally, and especially in cold weather. This can leave you feeling like you’re driving with a brake on.

You can avoid these situations simply by checking tire pressure regularly. Unfortunately, you don’t know if you will get a flat tire, so make sure you have a road service program that can help you in an emergency situation.

Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 6:23 am In Roadside Assistance Program  

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