Emergency auto assistance – functions and services offered

Emergency auto assistance is generally a combination of services which are all designed to come to the driver’s aid whenever he finds the need on the road.  Such problems and assistance responses are usually limited to vehicular problems only – and minor ones at that too.  For instance, if you get into a serious accident, then emergency auto assistance would not be able to assist you even though it is a vehicular problem.

Such problems that emergency auto assistance is usually called upon for include a range of everyday road incidents which could leave a driver in a muddle.  These include, among others, locksmith services for the odd person who locks himself or herself out of the car (a very common occurrence in most states); gas delivery for the person whose tank suddenly goes empty far away from any service stations; tire change assistance for the person who is not in a position to do it himself (or herself, as is more commonly the case); and towing facilities for those vehicles which may have simply stalled and refused to start again.  Other services are available from individual emergency auto assistance providers, and these can usually be adjusted to convenience both the driver as well as his immediate family members.