The business of providing emergency road service



Some people who go to roadside assistance providers usually find that the level of emergency road service issued is dependant upon the condition of their cars.  This makes perfect sense to from a business perspective – why charge a man a small fee every month when his car promises to need breakdown assistance ever so often?  Then it is not profitable for you to supply this man any emergency road service coverage.  He on the other hand would have made a very good choice in going the extra step to cover himself and his vehicle in anticipation of the said breakdown assistance required – for even if a roadside service could provide a tow service for him three out of five times then he has saved himself a lot of money coming out from his own pocket.


Emergency road services on the other hand are most readily offered to persons with new or used vehicles.  Again this is simply from a business profit point of view – for how often would a new vehicle find the need for a tow service or a battery charge-up?  Almost one in ten times, so nine out of ten payments are pocketed by the emergency road service company as profits.