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Auto road service refers to assistance rendered by registered firms or vehicle dealers to vehicle owners in distress on freeways. Auto road service is offered to all categories of vehicles starting from a small car to a huge tractor trailer. Some of the other categories of vehicles, which can subscribe to auto road service include big cars, cabs, jeeps, coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, off road vehicles, four wheel drive vehicles, pick-up vehicles, station wagons, light commercial vehicle, large passenger vehicle like coach and buses and all categories of goods and container transporters.

The auto road service is offered by the dealer in association with the manufacturers of various types of vehicles. Under this service, mobile repair squads are deployed on motorways. Whenever, vehicle owners in distress, call the hotline of the auto road service, the mobile squads are rushed to their assistance.
A certain fee is charged for auto road service, which includes attending to engine and mechanical failures, ignition problem, replacement of faulty spare parts, faulty air conditioning system, flat tire assistance, jump starting, fluid and fuel delivery and many more. The fee is dependent on the category of service sought by the subscriber. You can trace the auto road service providers. They are registered in the local yellow pages and also on the Internet.