Road service programs and other auto industry businesses


Road service programs have become popular independent businesses among the automotive industries, and it is a service that is closely associated with both warranty service providers and insurance companies.  What most persons are not aware of is that they need not be paying an additional cost each month for this service.  What do I mean?  Just pull out your extended warranty service contract, your new vehicle warranty, or even your vehicle coverage insurance.  Read carefully the entire contract – you are sure to find one paragraph in at least one of these documents that says that your vehicle is to be covered for simple roadside assistance by any of those providers! 


All new warranties in the least provide roadside assistance for its customers, even if it is through a service that is subcontracted out to other roadside service program companies.  Extended warranties include this feature as an optional coverage, but you should be careful to read carefully or ask your representative because sometimes it is automatically included.  Insurance policies also include this feature as a requirement for additional premium discounts, so you may have been signed up for it without even realizing!