Road service, auto warranty and insurance coverage


Road service is one of the more important features that you are recommended to have for your vehicle, whether new or used, car or van, motorbike or trailer.  Road services are sometimes included as benefits in either your car warranty package (new or used), or as part of your insurance policy.  Sometimes you can even get the coverage on both items, but it is best to have only one road service provider since a road service is supposed to meet your needs wherever you are.  It is best however to choose which road service package you would accept based on your own requirements as a vehicle owner or driver.

Although you can get road service protection through either your auto warranty or your car insurance coverage, you must be very aware of which service you call in need of assistance.  As both a driver and a vehicle owner you must be able to differentiate between the need to call your insurance agency and your road service providers; you must be able to differentiate the difference between warranty coverage and insurance coverage.  Although all three are closely related, the road service program is the one that will take you to your repair shop, and your warranty service would handle the repair if the circumstance is a minor one. Your insurance company would handle your claim if an accident was involved.