Nationwide road service programs

If you are considering investing in a road service program in the near future, be sure to look for one with nationwide coverage.  Most people take the cheaper option out and pay money for road services that are only valid within specific areas.  But chances are when an incident really does occur where you need some sort of roadside assistance, you are far from home and out of your coverage area.  If you have decided to invest in a road service program for your own safety and comfort on the road, for the peace of mind of knowing that your family members are covered as well, then it only makes sense that you invest in a program that covers you and your family wherever you go!


Sometimes also, young and inexperienced drivers are not aware of the limitations of roadside service programs and dealers take advantage of this ignorance in an attempt to make as much money as possible – the less claims paid, the better off they are!  Besides nationwide versus local roadside assistance coverage, you also have to be aware of other limitations of road service programs.  One such limitation might be a mileage clause that you could easily take for granted or miss completely – but it could mean the difference between you being stranded in a foreign town with no assistance or the assurance of knowing you will be back home in a short while.