For all vehicles

Auto road service refers to assistance rendered by registered companies to all categories of vehicles, ranging from cars to heavy-duty trucks. It also includes station wagons, pickup trucks, buses and mini vans.

Auto road service is offered by a registered company in association with a federation of auto dealers. This is because the auto road service covers all categories of vehicles. To register these services identify a suitable provider for these services. This category of service will be helpful to owners of various brand vehicles.

The auto road services includes repair of engines, fault identification and rectification,  jump starting repair, fluid and fuel delivery, ignition problems, and flat tire assistance.

If the agency fails to repair the vehicle on the spot, it will be towed to the closest shop. However, the vehicle owner has to pay a towing fee. In the case that the vehicle owner prefers to continue the journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided to him / her.

However, auto road service comes at a cost. There are various packages defining the services offered to vehicle owners. Go through the packages carefully before selecting one. The fee has to be paid on an annual basis. In addition the vehicle owners typically have to bear the cost of the repairs and replacement of faulty spare parts.