Dealer’s obligation

Road service refers to assistance rendered by the vehicle dealer to the customers (vehicle owners) in times of distress. For instance, if the vehicle breaks down on the road owing to engine failure or mechanical fault, it is the duty of the dealer to rush to the aid of the vehicle owner. If the dealer does not render this service, it is considered a deficient service on his / her part and is liable for penalty.
The vehicle dealers have to operate mobile squads to assist vehicles in distress. Customers, who have purchased the vehicle from the dealer, have to call the hotline of the road service. Within an hour, the mobile squad will visit you and check the vehicle for fault. If possible, it will be repaired on the spot. However, if the squad fails to detect the problem or it is a complicated mechanical fault, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair workshop. Some dealers also offer alternative vehicles to the customers to continue the journey under such circumstances.
For this road service, some dealers levy fee for towing the vehicle to the repair workshop. The repair cost will be covered under the auto warranty package. However, if the repairs mandate replacement of expensive parts, it will not be covered under the auto warranty package. This varies though depending on your contract.