What To Do After Getting Into A Car Accident

Car AccidentCar accidents always happen without warning and they are very frightening. Accidents leave drivers with a feeling of shock and will not know what they should do. These are some important things to do after an accident occurs:

1. Make certain that everybody is okay. If not, be sure to call 911. Always be sure to make a call to the police and to emergency auto assistance.

2. Make a call to your insurance agent. They will be able to tell you what information you should exchange with the other driver. Also, they will be able to help you to examine the scene. Also, make sure that you don’t admit fault while at the scene of the accident. The insurance companies will be the ones to determine who is at fault.

3. Make certain that you read the information that is in your insurance policy, this way you file a claim within the particular time limit. Often times, if the damage to the vehicle exceeds $750 you will need to file an SR1 form. This form can be found on the website of your state’s DMV.

It is terrifying when you get into a car accident, but unfortunately it usually happens to all drivers at some point in time. Therefore, it is extremely important that we know what steps to take when an accident occurs. To ease some of the stress, be sure to have the all of the important and needed documents readily available. Such documents include your auto warranty and your insurance policy.

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