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Poor Road Conditions Create A Need For Roadside Assistance

On the road, motorists come across dangerous conditions such as potholes, ruts, and icy roads. It is important to be conscious of poor road conditions in order for drivers to help protect themselves. Here are some helpful hints to help drivers steer clear of accidents: 1. Always be aware of potholes. If you happen to […]

Tips To Help Lower Teen Auto Insurance

Teenage drivers increase the cost of a family’s auto insurance. This reason for this is the insurance is based upon how likely it is for a driver to get into a car accident. According to statistics, young, inexperienced drivers account for a large number of car accidents. Therefore, signing your teen up for emergency auto […]

Should You Pay More For Synthetic Oil?

Many people are unsure whether or not they should be using synthetic or regular oil in their vehicles. It depends on the recommendations of the carmaker, the mileage, and the age of the car. Cars that are older and have higher mileage usually have a large amount of engine wear that can cause oil to […]

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Is It Smart To Buy Your Teenager A New Car?

A lot of parents have a tough time deciding whether or not to buy their teenager a car. Some parents can afford a new car, but they are worried about indulging their kids in this way. If parents spend too little money on a car for their teenager they may end up buying a junker […]