Roadside Assistance Is Important

Vehicle BreakdownMany drivers worry that their car will break down at one time or another while they are traveling alone. Drivers are spending more time in their cars due to long commutes to and from work and running errands. It is very likely that all drivers will experience a vehicle breakdown at some point. Both men and women dread the day that their car breaks down.

A survey done by Britannia Rescue showed that about two-thirds of both the male and female drivers that were interviewed are in fear of being by themselves when a breakdown occurs. This was true for ninety-three percent of women and forty-five percent of men. The survey also showed that people are more scared when someone stops to help. Seventy percent of women said that they would not want a man to stop and offer to help.

In order to help ease the fear of vehicle breakdowns, drivers should become a member of a good and reliable roadside assistance program that will be able to provide help when it is needed.

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 6:28 pm In Roadside Assistance Program  

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