10 Tips For Safe Driving

Audi A8Here are ten important things to keep in mind to ensure you will have a safe drive.

1. Know the basic rules and laws of driving. If you are unclear of some of these or do not remember them you should look them up in a driver’s handbook.

2. Always make sure you and all of your passengers buckle your seatbelts and also ensure your brakes are working properly.

3. Do not drive through standing water.

4. Always make sure there is space around you while you are driving, especially in bad weather. Keep a good amount of distance from curbs and other vehicles.

5. Be cautious when driving through intersections. If there is a green light, still be alert and make sure you don’t see anyone or anything else crossing your path.

6. Make sure you are alert and awake enough to properly and safely operate your vehicle. Be sure you can keep your focus and concentration on the road.

7. Do not become bothered by bad drivers. If someone is tailgating you or speeding, just allow them to pass you.

8. If you need to pass another vehicle, especially larger ones such as trailers and trucks, do not remain in their blind spot.

9. If you are in an area where cars are not moving, it is still important to be aware of your surroundings because a parked car can pull out at any moment and a pedestrian or animal can cross your path unexpectedly if they are not aware you are coming.

10. Be sure if you get stuck on the side of the road, you are a member of a roadside assistance program that can come to your aid.

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