Why It’s Beneficial For Teens To Wait To Get Their Driver’s Licenses

ohio-school-offer-free-safe-teen-driving.jpgA recent survey shows that only 29% of teenagers receive their licenses when they become eligible.  This is considerably down from a few years ago in which 43% of teens received their licenses when they were eligible.

Some reasons that the numbers have changed are parents who are willing to drive teens, an increase in insurance and gas prices, tighter laws, and changes in driver education.

Teenagers don’t have as many options for taking driver education as in the past.  Currently, only 20 % of schools offer driver’s education, which means students have to seek a private school or a program on the Internet.

Increasing insurance costs make it more difficult for teens to drive.  A typical insurance policy cost 80 to 100 percent more if a 16-year-old driver is on the policy.

Graduated driver laws for licenses are also causing teens to take their time getting behind the wheel.  These laws are intended to reduce car crashes in teens.

Teens are waiting to get their drivers licenses.  However, no matter what age they become licensed, they need to take precautions to protect themselves.  This includes acting responsibly, eliminating distractions, and purchasing an auto warranty and roadside assistance.

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 7:06 am In Roadside Assistance Program