Shopping For A Car From Your Computer

person-at-computer1.jpgThere is a new website that Tribal has launched that allows car shoppers to experience a true life like shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes.  Now, at people can virtually walk around a new vehicle and sit in it.  Tribal created this website because shopping for cars can be confusing.

Research shows that car shoppers do the majority of their car research on the Internet, which cuts showroom visits in half.  In response to this, VW decided to give car shoppers a virtual experience that they could experience without leaving the house.

In the site you will find a sophisticated car configurator in which there are 3D models of the VW range.  Visitors can change different options in order to alter the vehicle’s appearance.  Basically, people can create the car that they choose to have.

In the near future people can go to the site and book test-drives through different retailers.  They will also have the ability to see what models are available at different retailers.

VW has listened to customers needs and designed a website that allows people to shop from their own homes.  It is also convenient that people can shop for new car warranties and road service by searching various websites.  By doing comparisons, people can rest assured that they got the best deal on a car, an auto warranty and insurance.

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 5:32 pm In Road Service