Some Car Dealerships Are Haggle-Free

images-93.jpgCar dealers have haggled with their customers for years.  This practice has allowed salesmen to con buyers into buying cars and new car warranties, using all kinds of negotiating strategies.  But car dealers have paid for it by being known as untrustworthy.

Some dealers are changing their ways by dumping haggling.  The eighth largest chain of dealers in America, Lithia Automotive Group, announced that they are going to make all 108 of their stores haggle-free within three years.

Toyota’s Scion has implemented a policy for no negotiation from its onset four years ago.  This has prompted dealers who sell Toyota vehicles to apply the one-price approach.

And all over the country, independent dealers who carry various brands of domestic and foreign vehicles are teaching their employees to sell cars like the rest of the retail world.  In other words, cars come with a price tag and a smile from the salesperson.

This no-haggle method will make buying a more pleasant experience for consumers.  Now that people can look up a car’s base price online, they don’t have patience for haggling.  In addition, people are able to compare the prices of new car warranties and roadside assistance online.

Posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 1:46 pm In Roadside Assistance Program